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Commissioners & Committees

The Lewis County Board of Commissioners meets in regular session on the third Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Lewis County Courtroom. Mayor Van Ward serves as Chairman of the Board, while Commissioner Shane Blackwood serves as the Chairman Pro-Tempore.

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The three major committees within the Board of Commissioners meet on the first Monday of every month at the following times:

Solid Waste/Industry/Roads Committee         -            5:00
Public Safety/ Schools Committee                    -          5:30
Budget/Administrative Committee                   -            6:00


Solid Waste Committee
Chris Dyer, Chairman
Jim Grinder, Vice-Chairman
Connie Sharp, Secretary
Bruce Bowen
Larry Hensley
Wendell Kelley
Public Saftey Committee
Leon Hunter, Chairman
Jerry Ashmore, Vice-Chair
Brian Peery, Secretary
Timmie Hinson
Kenny Prentice
Robert Brewer
Budget Committee
Ronnie Brewer, Chairman
Michael King, Vice-Chairman
Landis Turner, Secretary
Bill Dyer
Billy Meeks, Jr.
Patrick Halfacre, II



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