Lewis County Clerk & Master Kaitlin Bates


Lewis County Justice Center
29 West Main Street
Hohenwald, TN  38462
P: 931-796-3734
F: 931-796-6017
Email:  kaitlin.bates@tncourts.gov


Lewis County Clerk & Master Deputy Clerk Linda Stubblefield


Email: linda.stubblefield@tncourts.gov


M-F 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Lewis County Chancery Court is part of the 21st Judicial District.

Chancery and Probate Courts

Judges of the 21st Judicial District include:

The Honorable Michael E. Spitzer

The Honorable Deanna B. Johnson

The Honorable Michael E. Binkley

The Honorable Joseph A. Woodruff

The Honorable James G. Martin III

The Clerk and Master is appointed by the Circuit Judges serving as Chancellors for the 21st Judicial District.
The Clerk & Master, as Clerk of the Chancery Court, is required by statute to:  keep rule and execution dockets, enter minutes of the court, file and enter all documents, pleadings, papers and exhibits, invest funds under the Clerk’s control, attend court, legal custodian of court records, administer oaths, issue all summons, writs, executions, subpoenas, and attachments, prepare court record on appeals, collect revenue for the county and state, and perform all other duties as required by law.   In Probate Court, the Clerk & Master administers all estates except in solemn form, appoints personal representatives for estates, claims against estates, appoints guardian ad litems for minors, guardianship and conservatorship cases, approves annual accountings, and various other duties of estate administration.  The Local Rules of Practice for Tennessee Courts, including the 21st Judicial District, may be found at TNcourts.gov.
Civil Court Cost effective October 16, 2020 cost due upon filing:

Cost (includes Litigation Tax) No Service With Service
Category One Cases (bond may be used for clerk fee only)
Contracts, torts, personal injury, property damage, malpractice,
Wrongful death, employment discrimination, civil rights suits,
Tax disputes, special remedies & cases not otherwise specified
$339.50 $381.50 (1 def)
Category Two Cases – Workers Comp Cases (bond may be used for clerk fee only), appeals to circuit from General Sessions, city courts and other courts or hearings, Transfers from foreign counties, writs of mandamus, condemnation/Inverse condemnation & quo warranto actions. $264.50 $306.50 (1 def)
Category Three Cases – Adoptions, legitimations, paternity cases, termination of Parental rights & other domestic relations matters not Otherwise designated, restoration of citizenship, name changes, Minor settlements, enforcement of foreign judgments, and orders of protection, cross-filings and counter complaints. $214.50 $256.50 (1 def)
Category Four Cases – Child support enforcement & modification, interstate support Cases, modification of parenting plan, civil contempt. $189.50 $231.50 (1 def)
Divorce with minor children $314.50 $356.50 (1 def)
Divorce no minor children $239.50 $281.50 (1 def)
Estates (includes publication of Notice to Creditors) $424.50 $466.50 (1 def)
Small estate Affidavit (Notice to Creditor fee of $80.00 not included) $155.50 $197.50 (1 def)
Spousal Support Petition in Estate $30.00  
Guardianship/Conservatorship $274.50 $316.50 (1 def)
Filing claim against Estate $11.00 must be filed in triplicate  
Exception to Claim against Estate $42.00  
Interim Settlements or Accounting $40.00  
Post Judgment Requests $25.00  
Removal of Disabilities $214.50 $256.50 (1 def)
Mental Health Cases $164.50 $206.50 (1 def)
Certification & Seal $5.00 Copies .50 for each page  
Fax Filing $5.00 plus $1.00 per page  
Subpoena Cost $48.00 ($6.00 plus $42.00 sheriff service)  
Requests not otherwise provided for $18.00  
Entering an Order on existing case, other than closing order, not otherwise provided for $12.00  
Filing Documents not otherwise provided $7.00  
Case Continuances $7.00 each (taxed at end of case)  
Receiving Funds on Confirmation of Private Sale $40.00  
Preparing Appeal Record to Appellate Court $300.00 – due upon filing of appeal  
Third Party Complaints – same as original Complaint    
Garnishments/Bank Levy 47.00 (includes officer cost)  
Issue Execution/Attachment 67.00 (includes officer cost)  
Officer Service on each defendant $42.00  
Counter and Cross Filings $100.00  

Court Cost subject to change – call Clerk & Master to verify
Parenting Class Programs for Divorcing Parents
To Register & Cost Information contact the phone numbers listed below:

Positive Parenting Online
(866) 504-2883
Contact: support@onlineparentingprograms.com
Positive Parenting Seminar
Mid South Mediation Services
931-796-0487 Lewis
931-622-1462 Hickman and Perry
931-599-0510 Williamson
Parenting Skills Institute
2805 Glen Oaks Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 874-3786
www.ParentingSkillsInstitute.com (physical class)
www.classonparenting.com (online class)
Brentwood United Methodist Church
The Family Center/Divorcing Parents Seminar
Co-Parenting After Divorce
Attn: Tracy Steyer, LMFT
3326 Aspen Gove Drive #404
Franklin, TN 37067
LifeBridge, Inc.
1201A 7th Avenue N
Nashville, TN 37208
Contact: Sherry Davidson, 615-390-7728
The Mediation Center
“CoPE” Co-Parenting Experience
Email: info@columbiamediation.org
Register online: www.columbiamediation.org
New Directions Counseling/Prime for Life
404 BNA Drive Suite 110
Nashville, TN 37217
Office: 615-601-0580 Ext. 708
New Beginnings Parenting Class
1350 West Main Street
Franklin, TN
Angela Good 615-294-4663
Church of the City
828 Murfreesboro Road
Franklin, TN 37064
UT Extension, Perry County
Parenting Apart: Effective Co-Parenting
Contact: Stacy Clark: sclark46@utk.edu
113 Factory Street
Linden, TN 37096
931- 589-2331
Kathy A. Smith, M.A., CFLE
220 College St. East, Ste F
Fayetteville, TN 37334
UT Extension, Williamson County
Parenting Apart
4215 Long Lane, Suite 200
Franklin, TN 37064
Contact: Patsy Watkins; pwatkin2@utk.edu
The Accord Center
Attn: Sam Weiland
P.O. Box 681674
Franklin, TN 37068

UT Extension- Lewis County                                          Shelly Ray                                                                        110 N Park St., RM 201                                                          Hohenwald, TN 38462                                                    931-796-3091                                  www.lewis.tennesee.edu

Information regarding child support guidelines and worksheets may be obtained here or by visiting tn.gov/humanservices.

Parenting Plan Forms:   www.tncourts.gov .  Click on the Citizens link then select Parenting Plan to locate information including resources, guidelines, forms and more.